Fee Schedule — Effective July 1, 2016

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Municipal Solid Waste

$30.00 per ton ($5 minimum)

Small Load Flat Fee

Includes the following: car,standard pickup, single axle trail

$5.00 per load

Household Use Fee

$5.20 per can per household

Green Waste*

Clean Green Waste

Includes the following: lawn clipping, manure, chipped limbs, tree and shrub trimmings, wood pallets, clean lumber, etc.

$20.00 per ton ($5 minimum)

Construction/Demolition Waste

Includes the following: construction material, demolition material

$30.00 per ton ($5 minimum)

Clean Fill

materials which can be used as landfill cover, including: dirt and sod

$15.00 per ton ($5 minimum)

Special Waste**

Special Handling Waste

$85.00 per ton ($20 minimum)

Standard Certificate of Destruction (electronic copy)

$130.00 per ton ($30 minimum)

Standard Certificate of Destruction with Additional Services/Documentation

$150.00 per ton ($50 minimum)


$2.00 each (less than ten tires)

Refrigerant Containing Units

$15.00 each

Animal Carcasses

$10.00 minimum

Mobile Homes

$300.00 each

**Special handling waste includes:  customer requested special handling, state listed special wastes (per UACR 315-315), operationally necessary special handling (as determined by the plant or landfill manager), or any waste delivered by a business requiring the completion of a profile form (as determined by the special waste coordinator or executive director).

Please call the Special Waste Coordinator at (801) 614-5605 to schedule a waste disposal appointment or for a more detailed explanation of special waste fees.

Saleable Products***


$25.00 per scoop****

$3.00 per 2 cu ft bag

Wood Chips

Includes: Fine, Medium and Coarse

$10.00 per scoop****

Unscreened Wood Chips

$5.00 per scoop****

*** Saleable product available only at the landfill

**** Once scoop equals approximately 1.5 yards


It is the policy of Wasatch Integrated Waste Management District to charge double for uncovered or unsecured loads. Please be sure to cover and secure your load, as cleanup will be the responsibility of the driver.